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I have recently bought an downloadable version of xplane 11from your official site.few days ago, I tried to change the scenery for airport OIII(Mehrabad Int, Airport,Tehran) to photoscenery by ortho4 program. Unfortunately, I dont know what a mistake I made, after that ,this airport dont load correctly and there are afew gray patches on runway.for fixing the problem ,I remove and reinstall the region by xplane installer that this airport located there, but it did not work,and the scenery issue is still exist.As, i dont want to remove whole xplane 11 and re install it.please, let me know if there is a way for chnge the scenery to original one . I appeciate your help and support.

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You might try running the installer again.  That may fix it.
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Hi, Can you upload a screenshot of the content of your "X-plane 11\Custom scenery" folder? And a screenshot of OIII in the simulator to show what is wrong with it?

If you delete the folder added by Ortho4XP (it should be something like X-plane 11\Custom scenery\zOrtho4XP_+35+051...).

Have you created an overlay too?
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Yes. before I tried to reinstall by xplane installer, I deleted the Ortho4XP folder for OIII .and I tried once for creating Overlay with Overlay editor, but it could not fix the issue.I attach the screenshots please find them.



imageDownload file

imageDownload file

imageDownload file


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Hi, I am very surprised you placed shortcuts in your Custom scenery folder. When I tried that a few years ago it didn't work.

You should delete 3 things :
-X plane 11\Custom scenery\zOrtho4XP_+35+051 - Shortcut
-X plane 11\Custom scenery\yOrtho4XP_overlay\earth nav data\+30+050\+35+051.dsf
-X plane 11\Custom scenery\scenery_packs.ini

Once this is done, launch X-plane at OIII.
If your problem is still there, close your simulator and upload your X-plane 11\log.txt so that we can understand better what is happening.

PS : I doubt Overlay Editor can be of any help for what you intend to do (the files are too big). I would personnaly use Ortho4XP for both the terrain and the overlay (which is what you seem to have actually done). And I want to improve the overlay, I would then try and see what I can get with W2XP from Simheaven. Again, doublecheck you can use shortcuts in your Custom Scenery folder. The only method I have seen so far is to place directly the whole tile generated with Ortho4XP inside the Custom Scenery folder.
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I did allthings that you have advised. but the problem still exist.I attach the log.text please find it. and let me know what should i do.




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Hi again, according to that line :

0:00:27.227 I/SCN: DSF load time: 5072144 for file Custom Scenery/a_LGIR xp11  tdg/Earth nav data/+30+050/+35+051.dsf (0 tris)

It is very surprising that a package for Greece countains a dsf file for OIII tile.

So I would first remove the following file :
Custom Scenery/a_LGIR xp11  tdg/Earth nav data/+30+050/+35+051.dsf

If it does not work, I would move for backup the whole "Custom Scenery/a_LGIR xp11  tdg" folder.

X-PLANE now seems to accept shortcuts in the custom scenery folder, which is a good news I think.

It's surprising that your log.txt mentions X-plane 11.01r2, although you say you updated it. The current version is 11.02r2. Can you check what is written on your splash screen when launching x-plane? there have been recent cases when one or the other is wrong. So If your splashscreen says X-plane 11.01r2, run the installer to update X-plane and enable beta.

If none of these 3 steps gives any result, please send your log.txt again (same process, launch at OIII and close).
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Could you solve the problem?