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Downloaded Demo, then bought X-Plane 10.  App still shows DEMO when loading.  No global scenery??? Video has lines all through it when in KSFO.  KRHV has no scenery.  Not even registered in Windows X apps.  Should I remove and reload with my on-line key?  How do I remove it if necessary?

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X-Plane doesn´t get installed to Windows. Just delete the demo completely, using the normal file system (eraze the folder)

Now download the appropriate installer here, also instructions how to install your DVDs at the bottom of the page.

Good luck, Jan
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Oh, and KRHV does not have any 3D scenery - only runways and taxiways, like most airports in X-Plane. Here is a map, all airports with "asterix" inside them have 3D to some extent.

But you can help populate the X-Plane world, here is how: