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I just bought it and try to install. But it is impossible with this error message.

(and X-Plane Installer 4.02r2)

please tell me what I can do

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What country / state are you located in? I'm seeing a lot more complaints of this but have not been able to reproduce it myself.
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Here is Oregon / US

And I attached installer log.txt


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As of today running the updater to update scenery online, this bug does not appear to be resolved. I am running the XP11 updater on a MacBook Pro. Same error occurs.

Log file is attached.

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It looks like you're trying to install X-Plane to the Mac Applications folder. This does not work for X-Plane since we use a proprietary installer. Please try installing to another location, such as the desktop or documents folder.
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@younghoon kim

Your log shows an Intel GPU. There is a known issue with the X-Plane 11 installer and specific Intel GPUs. More info and a workaround here.

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Thank you, Jennifer, for sorting that out - it did the trick.

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In your specific case, the installer is failing due to Unicode issues. From the log:

os_dir_desktop		=C:\Users/김영훈/Desktop/

The installer cannot recognize the special characters that are used in the User name it looks like. This is a case we definitely need to fix so I will send you a PM so we can work with you to test this and the fix.