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I have three monitors joined together by the graphics card into one really wide logical monitor from the operating system's perspective and x-plane.

The physical monitors have a 1/4" bezel around the actual monitor itself. So when you run x-plane there is a visual gap between the physical monitors, but image from the simulator doesn't take that into consideration. When your eyes pan across the monitors it looks weird. x-plane doesn't take the bezel into consideration.

If I don't join the monitors with a graphics card then x-plane sees three individual monitors and I configure them in x-plane with lateral offsets and FOVs so that the bezels are taken into consideration. When my eyes pan across the monitors the physical gap created by the bezels of the monitors align properly with the image being projected by x-plane; as if a I was sitting in a real airplane and there were literally plastic strips in my view.

The conundrum; if I use the second option of configuring three monitors within x-plane then I can't take videos or screen shots, because x-plane only captures video and screen shots from the left most monitor.

I want both; I want to have the bezel considered in the projection from x-plane and I want to be able to take videos and screen shots.
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Hi spoticus,

From what I have read of your recent questions with respect to multiple monitors you may "drool" a little on what you see from X-ForcePC (Michael Brown) at the following link

Have fun in watching.


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This is an issue we're aware of--X-Plane is currently limited to making screenshots and videos of only the primary monitor. This would be considered a "non-trivial" change, either in terms of time or resources to add it, so it probably won't happen any time soon. You may be able to work around the screenshot limitation by using the built in screenshot function on Mac (cmd+shift+4) or the snipping tool on Windows.
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Thank you for the prompt response. I'm on a PC :( I should switch to Mac. Not sure I could find a Mac though with as much GPU/CPU power as my PC.

If I'm voting then don't focus on this sort of stuff if it's a big effort. There are more important things I'm sure to improve the simulator.

However, would it be hard to enable choosing which monitor was the source of screen shots and videos? If I could choose my middle monitor then that's good enough for me.
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In X-Plane 10 I believe it used to be which ever monitor was on the right was considered the primary monitor. In X-Play 11 we may look at the configuration in the operating system? It appears on my 2 monitor iMac set up, X-Plane matches the OS monitor arrangement.