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I have set up an additional Windows PC and monitor with a separate copy of X-Plane 10 for the purpose of displaying the instrument panel. I have networked the both computers with Net Connections. The Master is setup with "IP of External Visual" and the Slave is setup with "IP of Master Machine".

On the Slave PC it starts up with the aircraft model.  The external visual of the airport appears to be displaying OK, however none of the instruments will light up.  I have checked and unchecked the "IP of master machine (this is extra visual"  on the Slave PC with no results.
Any ideas of what I am doing wrong?

10 Dec Update: 

I am able to do it with X-Plane 11, however there still some bugs with X-Plane11. Attached are two photos of my X-Plane 11 setup.  I would like to do this with X-Plane 10.


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I don't know what you have done wrong but why run an additional copy of X-Plane for your instrument panels?

Have a look at the following software, Panel builder, at http://rcsimulations.co.uk/epages/93a3f77d-847d-4ca9-8b2d-6a951e9b272d.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/93a3f77d-847d-4ca9-8b2d-6a951e9b272d/Categories/Panel_Builder_Demos1466086125512  if you live in or near the UK or try the following link from the developers at https://www.simplugins.com/  who are in the USA.

Alternatively have a look at Air Manager at https://siminnovations.com/

Hope this helps


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Thank you for your response.  I want to use the second PC and Monitor to display the instrument panel of an existing aircraft, i.e. CL300.  I am able to do it with X-Plane 11, however there still some bugs with X-Plane11.

I have updated my original question and added two pictures of my X-Plane 11 setup.


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