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Still stutters all 5-15 seconds no matter what Detail settings.

Really frustrating..

Threaded optimazion off,
HT on or off - no difference..
Everything excluded in antivirus..

Same experience since beta and absolut no diffrents between the acuall versions.

Tried also other BIOS settings eye on CPU with no better results..

Now iam really on a point to hate xplane 11!
Switchin back to P3d!!

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Hi, this is strange, there are lots of such reports with GTX10XX series. Everything is fine with my GTX970, I5 CPU, 8Gb RAM, windows 8.1.

For better reference, you should include your X-plane 11/log.txt so that your report can be as useful as possible for Laminar Research.

Can you also make sure you have the same stutters on a clean copy of X-plane 11? You can install a second copy by simply running the installer and following the appropriate steps.

It is important to make sure the stutters are not caused by one or a combination of third party addons and plugins, in which case you should rather report the problem to the respective developers. It would then be their task to contact Laminar Research.
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Hi here is my LOG 

Now try a clean copy of xplane. 



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After clean install no difference. Still stutters.. Really frustrating and my rig is absolut not the problem.. Xplane is just buggy and for me absolut not worth the time anymore.

If there is no solution I just will have a refund!!
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I understand how frustrating it must be.

Such a request will have to be adressed at [email protected].

PS : I'm just a normal user.