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Taking of from London City (EGLC ) I'm experiencing stutters even though my fps are 35+. If I fly in my home country Slovenia, which I was for the last two weeks of testing Xplane, I have a very smooth experience with no stutters whatsoever.

Bellow are my settings ( Xplane is also added in the exclusion zone of my Antivirus )

Can you help me resolve this problem?


My rig;

I7 2600k 4.5Ghz 

Maximus Gene z

Corsair Vengance 8GB 1866Mhz

780Ti factory overclocked

Samsung 850 EVO 500GB SSD

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Hi Denis, 

There could be a lot of factors that affect X-Plane in this case. It could be that the scenery is more detailed around London and X-Plane is simply doing more work behind the scenes.  Anytime X-Plane has to create something it could cause it to slow down. Loading new scenery tiles, having a lot of AI aircraft, etc. 

I'm surprised that you say it's "stuttering" without losing FPS though. Are you using any third party scenery, plugins or planes? Same weather settings as in Slovenia? 

It's very hard to diagnose & troubleshoot stuttering or FPS drops unless every single factor is the same between tests (location, view, rendering settings, plane, weather, everything). 

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Sorry for a late response I'm still testing Xplane performance. I adjusted my settings so that I'm able to run SkyMaxx, Real Weather Connector and HD Mesh v3 without fps dipping bellow 20, in worse scenarios. When I was flying my tests flight above I didn't run the HD Mesh v3 but I was running SkMaxx and RWC. Anyway I tried disabling those and it was the same.


Now like I mentioned the stuttering I experienced, for now, was only around London? What is funny I did another flight yesterday from my country to Athens Airport ( LGAV ) and experienced no stutters. And that was with Skymaxx, RWC and HD Mesh v3. The fps in the worst when flying over Athens was 24 fps. I was also flying around Germany the other day with 737 200 and experienced no stutters.
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If you find anything that is exactly reproducible, you can file a bug here. Please be as detailed as possible when reporting the steps you took to see the issue, and note that if it involves a lot of third party scenery, aircraft, or plugins, we may not be able to pursue it.

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