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I get all 20 -30 Second Little stutters.. checked with every Settings low or high. this small stutters still be there. Maybe because of the Beta or is the weather Engine still bad?

In P3D v3.4 I dont have These Problems...

Xplane 11.exe is also excluded in bitdefender ..

Specs are:

Intel I7 6700K Oc to 4,6 GHZ HT off.

16 GB Ram,

MSI GTX 1070 8GB

and a Samsung pro SSD..
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16GB seems low for XP.  Should not stutter with your specs though unless system is not well balanced. Here are my specs. They are slightly lower than yours. I do not have issues, XP 11 is running very smooth: i5820k processor overclocked to 4GHZ (stable), 32GB DDR4 RAM, Nvidia GTX970, X99S SLI Plus motherboard, Samsung 950 PRO M.2 x4 SSD (exclusively for XP11).

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If you have performance issues, please keep in mind this is an initial beta and performance specs are still being tuned. Please go ahead and file a bug report with a complete log.txt.

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