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I have the digital version of X-Plane 10 on my Mac OS X.
During flights X-Plane randomly gives a pop-up with "Disc 1 not found" and then disconnects the yoke.
And sometimes XP asked for the serial number at startup, I always filled it in and then it worked for a while.
But this "Disc 1 not found" message keeps coming randomly...

Any idea how to fix this?

Thank you.

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Hi Joost,

Have you noticed any common things between times when the Disc 1 message pops up? Our Demo DRM has a time limit of 15 minutes then it is designed to lock joystick & yoke function. Is that when you see the message?

Please attach a copy of your log.txt and any additional details so we can look into this further.  If you have a valid digital download product key, this should not be happening.
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Hi jroberts,

Thanks for the quick responding. 
Today I got the message when I was on approach after a 1,5 hour flight. 
But I also once received the message after 20 minutes. So it is very randomly. 
I do have a valid digital download key from Laminar, sometimes X-Plane also asks at startup for a serial and when I fill it in I have had no problems. But when it does not asks at the startup then I am afraid the error message will come during flight like today...

Here is the log file: 


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Also, the "Oops! You are taking us out of your region!" message came about 10min before that. It is very weird because I was flying in Switserland and I have the x-plane scenery for all Europe and also the UHD Mesh v3 for all of Europe...
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The message about leaving your region should only show up if you are using a regional edition of X-Plane. Did you purchase the regional edition originally and then recently upgrade to the digital download version?

I see your version is actually a little behind. Please try running the installer and opting to update to 10.42.

If that doesn't fix it, you can also try "resetting" your DRM. Go to your user -> Library -> Preferences and delete the 4 X-Plane files (Installer.prf, drm.prf, install_10.txt & xdd.prf). X-Plane should ask for your product key the next time you start and recreate these files.