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I've unchecked the option to send analytical data, but even if I have no network connection, I always get errors saying that host google-analytics (or very similar) cannot be resolved. Resolving google-analytics every time I start the application is also some kind of tracking. (Despite of that X-Plane tries to connect to every time the application starts. That's enough tracking already)
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IF you are using Digital version it will from time to time connect to auth server to activate the key and unlock the full features.

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Hi there! I'm Tyler, one of the X-Plane developers.

Can you please attach both a screenshot of your Settings > General tab, and your "X-Plane Analytics.prf" file (found in X-Plane\Output\preferences)? I'm unable to reproduce this in the lab. (Note that you can take a screenshot from within X-Plane by hitting Shift+Space, and it will appear in your Output directory.)

ice_pdb (above) is correct regarding connecting to X-Plane servers. If you're using the digital download, X-Plane will periodically connect to our servers to ensure your product key isn't being used on a bajillion machines across the Internet. Likewise, X-Plane automatically connects to the web to check for updates. Neither of these are optional.
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