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I bought a B747 plane because I thought it would be fun, but I never did the trial or else I would've seen how bad it is. I am curios if I can get credited if I don't want it anymore.
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Why don't you ask where you bought it?

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Hi Fat4life,

I am not with Laminar Research; just a flight simmer.

This forum is for those flight simmers having problems with X-Plane and not for problems with third party software.

If the aircraft you acquired is part of the official X-Plane software package then you will have to live with the problem as any refund would be a refund on the X-plane software.

If the aircraft you acquired is from another third party then you will need to contact the seller of the add-on aircraft.  This also applies to X-Plane.org as they have no commercial connection with Laminar Research.

Good luck.


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