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For X-Plane 11 if there is any time that an older looking grey colored dialog box opens they end up being unclickable. The window then persists until the sim is restarted. Normally they pop up dead center of screen and can ruin a flight fast. This mostly happens with and window under the plug-in drop down. It also has reared it ugly head on an add-on aircraft i purchased (attached image). In the attached image the green check blocks are not selectable and the next button do not work. Please do not focus on just this window and make it out to be an add-on problem and stop there. I only use this as an example. Any other grey type window that is part of X-Plane 11's clean install will do this for me.

I have done some troubleshooting such as restarts and key commands to include enter, space and pretty much clicking every key on my keyboard and using every mouse mutton (to include center click). these windows are not clickable. I am at a loss now. any help out there?Thanks

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Hi,I never had this problem (windows 8.1). Can you include a log.txt?

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OK so a buddy of mine went and did some tinkering and he did a setup on his laptop. Everything worked fine. So i dug in a little more and after some trial and error it seems to be a problem with multi-monitor full screen mode. I have 4 monitors all detected by the application. i only used the foreward center monitor set in XP to full screen. I went and change the setting to windowed mode and guess what i can click now... All the grey type dialog boxes. So yea full screen mode problem. at least for me.

Turns out he was running windowed mode as well

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