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When flying into SBRJ from SBSP - short flight, ATC  instructed a sharp turn away from the destination airport for about 40 miles before I gave up and turned back on course on my own.

I am an Air Traffic Controller so please excuse my expectation of accurate and logical turns onto the final approach.  ;-)

Typically, a 10-15 mile final approach would be more than sufficient.


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It is not possible to adjust the route you're given by ATC if you're flying with the default ATC. If this is an issue that you can reproduce every time, please submit a bug report here for further investigation, with detailed steps and a log.txt.

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Hi Jennifer,

I don't think JOJO is talking about any particular issue. He is talking about the way ATC has been designed. I have stopped using it, because it is very unrealistic and not fluid.
I know it must be a real pain to program such a vast thing, and I know some work is being done over it by your team, for X-plane 11.10. So I'm waiting with no real expectation.

But at the moment, X-plane ATC is definitely behind what has been done in other sims. Even though I have many ideas, I wouldn't file any report about that because there is too much to be done and you have other priorities, which is totally understandable.

My opinion about ATC at the moment : it is something to be done online. It is just too complicated to code something satisfying, even if i would love to help.
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I would agree with this statement:

"My opinion about ATC at the moment : it is something to be done online. It is just too complicated to code something satisfying."

We are a small team and the scope of overhauling this feature is more substantial than we can prioritize at the moment.
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this should be one of the main prioritise, after all what is flying without a decent atc

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