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So I just updated to x plane 10.50 beta 4 and the new updates to the ATC system are awesome and I can't wait to see more improvements, but there was something I noticed. When I file a IFR flight plan on X planes to VABB, everything goes well, right until I'm cleared to land by Tower. ATC begins its descent and approach vectoring normally but waits right-up until like 5 - 3miles on short final to clear me to land, and since the last altitude designated by the ATC is at 3000ft I have to make a really unrealistic dive to capture the glide slope or to be on a proper glide path to the active runway. I have noticed the same issue with the AI traffic, I can zoom in and see from the tower view that as soon as the ATC clears them to land, they dive to capture the proper glide path.

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Please file any weird behavior or bugs seen in the beta on the bug reporter. That will help us keep track of it. Please be as detailed as possible in your report, like including the exact flight plan you file, etc.

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Okie Dokie, will do! :)
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I listen to airband radio at HRW. Its normal to get 'clear to land' from the tower at 4miles. You are of course already established on the ILS by that time. The message informs the pilot the runway is safe.smiley