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Managed a couple of flights, but now it hangs up in every flight. Just freezes. Can usually get out with CTL ALT DEL and kill it in Task Manager.

I use a 2.8GHZ windows 10 Pro machine with 12GB RAM and using an NVIDIA Quadra 4000 card.

Was running with very old drivers for the NVIDIA so tried updating them, but it didn't help.

The machine is not hot. It is now dedicated to flight simulation and the crash can happen soon after starting up X-Plane, going through ground checks and climbing out.

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Please try resetting your preferences and see if that lets you get flying. Go to the Output folder & move or rename the entire preferences folder.

Secondly, you can try to update to make sure you're using the latest with all available fixes and that your install hasn't been corrupted in any way. Otherwise, for any further troubleshooting attach a copy of the log.txt.