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... when the plane is in a fog or when it enters in a cloud?

I see sometimes a powerful light through passenger windows even when the plane enters a thick dark cloud in a stormy weather. It just does not make sense.

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A better screenshot 

And look here at 1:18: https://vimeo.com/222983770

Everything is dark gray but when the plane enters the cloud everything is lighten up even the cabin but in fact it should be dark everywhere. Why a thin layer of dark cloud is lighten up? It does not make sense.

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It could be a rendering bug. Please try to find a way to recreate it with only default aircraft, livery, scenery, etc. Please send a bug report and include a screenshot of your rendering and weather settings, & the log.txt. When you find the spot that causes it, please save a situation file and send that as well so we can try to reproduce it as quickly as possible.

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