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I have a l  PC with,

Dual NVIDIA(R) GeForce(R) GTX 1080 Ti graphics with 11GB GDDR5X each (NVIDIA SLI(R) Enabled)

Centauri 1500W Chassis

Windows 10 Home (64bit) English

AMD Ryzen(TM) Threadripper 1950X (16-Core, 40MB Cache, Overclocked up to 3.6GHz on all cores)

BUT cannot get good FPS at extreme Rendering.

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Multiple complaints on the same subject just worded different, especially after recent upgrade to XP11.11. There is definitely a problem with the upgrade...
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See earlier threads, including one I started. If someone can consolidate them somehow would be good.

On one of them I posted performance graphs suggesting new version only uses a few cores. I have similar Nvidia card.

Suggest you do a bug report and email support also (and pref link all of the similar q and a also) - I emailed them. If enough people with the issue do they might partially roll back to the code which worked fine with full graphics options at high frame rate in 11.10!

You might also explicitly ask support to consider actively collaborating with nvidia who as you probably know do game optimised drivers for numerous games and I’m guessing nvidia have the resources and will be only too happy to co-operate as it’s one more reason for people to get an nvidia graphics card - I didn’t think to at the time, thought only struck me when I downloaded nvidia experience to make damn sure everything was bang up to date and I’m reluctant to prod them twice personally myself about the same issue over the holiday, but the more different individuals who report the same issue directly the higher up the fix queue I hope it will go!

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I am not with Laminar Research: just a flight simmer.

My understanding, having read earlier Q&As in this forum, X-Plane does not work in SLI mode.  My memory tells me that Laminar Research does not consider SLI mode as a high priority at this stage.  I doubt this has been rectified in the latest Beta version.

Also, the graphics cards have to be identical to be able to have a SLI link.  You can check by consulting Dr Google

Good luck.