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I am wanting to buy X-Plane 11, but would like to do the demo first. Can either be used with no controls? What I mean by that is, can I use a mouse/keyboard to control flights?

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Hi, yes, you can use the mouse to replace the yoke, even in demo mode.

You will just have to click next to the very thin cross in the center of the screen, so that the mouse takes control of the ailerons/rudder/wheel and elevator. click again to use the mouse normally.
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Where is this "thin cross"? I am in Linux and it is driving me nuts. I cannot see it anywhere. I could see it on the Mac.
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At the exact center of the screen. Never tested it on Linux, but just click at the center of the screen even if you don't see any cross. Sometimes the colour of the background makes it invisible.
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As Amelingu said,

Yes it is possible but if you are planning on buying and flying alot I would recommend getting a joystick atleast because with keyboard and mouse it is not the best to fly with and from experience you crash alot on landing when using keyboard and mouse.