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I have a CH Eclipse product. It is an Eclipse Yoke : I can't get this product to work with the X-Planes 9. It's like the program doesn't read my yoke.

Once I am in the simulator, I click on Settings, then Joystick & Equipment. Then, on axe, I move the yoke but there are no green bars moving as it tells it should be.

Please help my out with it the faster you can.

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Hi, (I am not part of Laminar but I can try to help you)

Have you hit the buttons Calibrate joystick and select YAW, PITCH, ROLL, etc. next to the bars? Then move your joystick through all of its axis, then the bars should become green.

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Oh, you have XP-9. I wasn't paying attention. Sorry bout that. My previous answer was directed at X-plane 10, but hopefully I helped you
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Please upload a copy of the log.txt found in the main X-Plane folder after every time you run the sim. Please attach a screenshot of your joystick & Equipment screen as well.

We have heard a lot about problems with CH Products hardware not working well on Mac OS El Capitan. Can you confirm that the computer registers the device? (I think that would be in About this Mac -> System Report -> Hardware -> USB.)