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This week X-Plane 11 started with this weird issue:

Mixture controls do not work ONLY on turbo-prop planes (C90B, Carenado B200, Carenado C208)

Mixture controls work fine on any piston aircraft.

I recalibrated my CH throttle quadrant to no avail. I can see the axis working on. I even:

- Assigned mixture to my prop levers on CH quadrant and same issue.

- Removed assignment of all joystick axis to mixture and mixture is stuck at cut-off, I can't even move it using keys or mouse.

Please help.


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Turbo props do NOT have mixture controls, same as jet turbine engines.
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Yes, I know. Sorry, I meant the condition lever doesn't work on the turbo prop planes, while the same joystick axes work ok on piston engines to move the mixture levers.

In any case, the problem has been solved.