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I built my home cockpit from scratch and use a lot of usb controllers, it seems lately x-plane does not want to respond to them all at the same time. Using a robust PC with 1500PSU, all the power management meticulously turned off manually for each device. What is the limit? If so, is there a workaround? Seems unlikely for a sim of this caliber to have a usb limitiation, considering it's professional applications.

Thanks again

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no doubt now it is an x-plane issue, all is fine up to 10 devices. The eleventh device no matter what type it is, will calibrate assign functions in the joystick setup page...then no response in the sim. Have tested this relentlessly ...even on different pcs. Hope there is an answer somewhere! repeat, no hubs are being used to test and no saitek.

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It has been relayed to me via email that there is a 10 USB device limit by design.  I am not alone in hoping this issue will be addressed in a later update at some point.
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Thanks Fred...  Now I have 13 devices so which ten are fav's... good thing they aren't kids.
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Good news Chieffos, looks like the USB device limit will be raised to 20 in the upcoming 11.10 !  :)
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Hi FRed,

I am of the opinion that it is not a software problem but a problem in how you have connected your USB components.

Have a look at the following link from Michael Brown at X-ForcePC.  This company is the recommended PC supplier in the USA by Laminar Research.  Pay attention to what is being said about the USB hubs and not what he is connecting to the hubs.  

The link is at

I have no connection with Michael or X-ForcePC or Laminar Research.

Hope this helps.


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Thanks for the reply, I thought I put this on the original question but I've put it in so many forums I must of forgot, The issue happens when USB devices are plugged directly into the motherboard, I have replicated this problem with no USB hubs whatsoever. I also just tried it on X-Plane 10 and the behavior was the same,  I agree with you it's got to be  something other than XP  or driver issue. I'm starting to look into my bios now as I recently updated it to the latest version… Could be something there.  This is very strange nothing like this is ever happened on one of my Flight Sim rigs… Any advice or opinions are welcome at this point LOL
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just happened again after going through each usb device one by one, I thought it was the pci-e usb card that was causing problems, problem persists with no hubs and all connections are straight to the mb When setting up my devices one a time, calibration is fine, everything works in the sim....till I get to around
10 devices plugged in..sometimes 11, different all the time it seems.
When I reach what seems like a limit, the last device plugged in will calibrate,
but no effect in the sim. After a reboot of the sim, it will ask me to calibrate the last device plugged in again.
After doing so, in the sim that device will not work, AND one other device that was previously working will stop working.
Downhill from one point no devices were having any effect on the
sim at all, even though all are seen by windows usb controller window, and the x-plane setup page.   (banging head against wall....) lol    FYI none of these devices are saitek ...are arduino and da input cards, a goflight, tq-6 and trc simkits TPM...
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Hi Fred..  I have the same issues with apparent USB limits.  I have chased driver issues, upgraded Windows, stood on my chair on one leg and threw salt over my shoulder.  Now I have everything lit up but the yoke and throttle are "seen" but  will not calibrate.  I am able to take off but if I engage AP the yoke and throttle are thereafter useless.  Makes for a tough landing.  I don't know if PC issue or X-plane 11/  I suspect latter.  Sorry I have no answers.
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Hey Chieffos...... I filed a bug report  about this issue, and I got a reply back stating that there is a 10 USB device limit by design.    I have tried to tell all the users I know to let X-Plane know we would like them to do something about this limit.  Spread the word. Thanks for your comment