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I've purchased the 8 DVD set of XPlane 10.21r2 I just need to have my license key resent to my current E-mail address the domain currently:

The original E-mail [email protected] as my E-mail address was published online and thereafter naturally the E-mail address was used for spamming. Somebody had to sell fake Vi*gra, I guess. Currently the original address [email protected] is no longer working.
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Please email support at [email protected] with ONLY the last eight (8) digits of your digital download product key.
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I don't have the product key, because I can't login to X-plane domain either. As me E-mail was deleted by suomi24 administration, the x-plane also removed my account, as the x-plane newsletter did not pass through.

I will close this dialog from new comments, as I thought I'll be talking with support privately.