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When I attempt to change the controls on my instrument panels (whether with default aircraft or downloaded), there is a significant delay in response, which means that it is very difficult to make small adjustments.

This seems to be a bug with the application.  For instance, on Autopilot settings, if I try to change the heading from say 015 to 018, I will click, and see it hang and then jump to 030 or something.  Same thing happens when I try to adjust radio frequencies.

I can workaround by using the keyboard to make the adjustments, but I'd like to be able to use the mouse.



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Hi Luke,
Can you include your x-plane 10\log.txt?

In the meanwhile, try and delete (or move for backup) the whole X-plane 10\Output\Preferences folder.


Edit : has it always been like that, or is it a new behaviour of your sim?

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