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Hey... I have a problem with my Joystick..

If I adjust pitch, roll, yaw and anything else stands as shown below in the picture (multiple axes assigned ...) how can I do this. PLS HELP




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Hi, you forgot the picture ;)
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Oh I'm sorry :)



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Do you have other joysticks available? You should have a scroll down menu on the top left of your screen, from where you can select the device. Make sure there is no other axis with control assigned.

Also make sure every axis of every available device is calibrated.
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so I have now calibrated everything with my joystick. BUT in the game works only my thrust lever and all the buttons on the joystick. but the control on the stick does not work in the game. here a Screenshot ... 


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how can I make that the message (Multiple axes assigned to ...) goes away?
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Yes, I mean this scroll down menu : make sure there is no roll or pitch assigned to any of you Xbox 360 controller axis, and make sure all its axis are calibrated, though.
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Okey solved

thanks for this nice Support and Help :D
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Oh my god, you helped me very much with your comment, thank you. I was already giving up on this! ^^