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I have calibrated my Thrustmaster T Flight Hotas however, the Pitch, Roll, and Throttle controls aren't working in the game. The controls that are working are the Yaw, and the remappable buttons. I have tried updating the game over and over(the game is beta 6), and I still couldn''t find a solution to the problem.

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I too had some minor problems with my Warthog as well. I didn't update the drivers but I did update the warthog software. It was a cool version I had never seen before. It has it's own separate TARGET GUI and script editor.

It made things better. I am sure your just having a minor conflict. When was the last time you updated your HOTAS? The X-Plane 11 is a Beta and I have had it do some things that I know they will have to fix or reconstruct, like wheels form the aircraft sinking half way on the runway. I bought that San Francisco International airport, and when I buzz Colimata's FA/18 F Hornet under the bridge or even go by that or the Bay Bridge's, the auto traffic is under the bridge and in the surface of the water. Also, the aircraft carrier, I couldn't cat launch because my wheels were sunk in half way and the throttle wouldn't work.  

So far it works best at KSFO and I like the object details. Perhaps these updated drivers can help?



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the X-Plane 11 Global Platform still does some strange things, but it is pretty cool for a Beta.

These Thrustmaster drivers helped me.

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Hi, I'm sorry for the late reply, and Thank you for replying. Yes, I have tried everything that you told me. From updating the Thrustmaster T flight Hotas Xs drivers, to changing my airport to KSFO, and nothing worked.  Any further help would be appreciated.
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Hum.. I am out of ideas,but this makes me think of your computer. Reading the Zplane 11 manual a bit it seriously recommended a new PC. New in it's words were anything past 24 to 36 months might not jive well with Beta 11. How old is yours?

Maybe it is a simple thing with USB ports not being seen. Your symptoms seem to be a simple thing maybe where your PC doesn't see them through the Xplane 11.  Might sound silly, but maybe switch em around and see it it will all of a sudden see your controls. "?"

Maybe unplug them and plug them back in during game play?

This just shouldn't be happening. My Xplane 11 is running quite smooth. Ya know... off subject...but I am a FA/18 Hornet freak and since I finally bought a machine that smokes, I went with LM Academic and loaded the VRS Bug

Man it is smoking hot! I then loaded the steam version and it smokes as well.

Your controls work on other sims I am assuming yes? of the coolest features in Xplane 11 is the control set up and how easily it recognizes out hardware. Ok.. this is stupid but I actually did it too... are you forgetting to click the arrow down and assign your stick and throttle to the assignments within the aircraft? Like right after you calibtrate the units then there are arrows you click on and that menu box will drop?... and you click what you want your stick or throttle to touch so it will be there?   Your actual symptoms describe the effect of not assigning it after calibrating it right on that same page in settings?

MarcThis is my home town here in Fresno. I can recognize the Yosemite International Airport as I have sat right in the building. And down from where my FA/18-E took off from is by Mckinley and Clovis Ave. right where the national guard parks. You can see that building from Mckinley.

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Never mind, I fixed the issue. It was because I had another controller set at the same time. Thanks for your reply though!
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AHhh yes.. the ole "forgot the duel controller clash trick"

Yeah.. I figured it had to be something little.

Good deal!