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I have been using the default 737 in X-plane 11 for some time using the FMC to enter flight plans. Lately when entering more than one waypoint the FMC hangs for a while then clears all of the data I entered.

I have tried this at different airports, different flight plans and with the 737, 747 and MD 80 with the same results.


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Hi, something seems to be wrong with your custom data.

Can you delete the content of your X-plane 11\custom data folder (except the readme.txt) and follow the advice given on the readme.txt file, for updating your data? Also make sure you don't use corrupted files for updating your navdata.

To make sure the problem is not on X-plane side, you could try and configure your FMS while custom data is "empty".

Hope this helps.

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Thanks for the reply. I removed everything from CustomData except the Readme.txt but still have the same problem.
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Ok, can you run the installer again, so that every file can be checked? If you still have the problem, can you include the new log.txt you get after the crash?
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Ran updater and it did update some files but still crashes after entering 2nd waypoint. log.txt attached. Thanks.


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Have you modified any file contained in ...\X-Plane 11\Resources\default data\ ?

Can you cut paste the whole X-plane 11 folder onto your desktop and make another test, include log.txt if still no improvement?

Can you describe more precisely how the crash occurs? Maybe with a link to a video.. do you have any automatic crash report showing up?
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All files in the Resources\default data folder are dated the date I installed the program. Haven't made any changes there.

I copied X-plane folder to the desktop. Inserting log file.


Open FMC. select FPLN, Enter origin This time used KSLC but have tried with several different routes. Enter Dest, KLAX. EXEC. Enter waypoint DTA, EXEC. Enter waypoint ZIBRA when I click EXEC nothing happens then about 15 or 20 seconds later the origin and destination and legs are clear. The only data left is the FLT NO which in this case was 333.

No crash report or errors show. 

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Run the copy of x-plane you placed on the desktop, not the one that's still in C:\Games. That's why I suggested to cut/paste, not copy/paste.
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That is the one I ran. Did I send the wrong log.txt?
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X-System folder:'C:\Users/jbart/Desktop/X-Plane 11/', case sensitive=0

I think did send an old log. Sorry here is the latest one.


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Rename, \X-Plane 11\Resources\default data into \X-Plane 11\Resources\backup.

Run the installer again and make sure it has downloaded again the default data folder.

Make another test (still from the desktop).
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No change. Thinking about doing a new complete install. Going to bed tonight, it's 1AM here. Will try again tomorrow.
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Then, uninstall UFMC anc 124thATCv2. Make up to 4 tests, depending in the results :
-None of them installed
-124thATCv2 installed alone
-UFMC installed alone
-both installed

Make sure you follow the installation instructions correctly.

Once the cause is identified, contact the respective developers with as many details as you can.

Good luck with that. The problem might come from third party plugins. Given the fact that you have many, it might be faster to start from a brand new install, indeed.
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It seems 124thATCv2 was the culprit. Thanks for the help..