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I downloaded what I think was the only option to download from the X-Plane site about 2 weeks ago for Mac OS. I believe I am on the most recent version and I paid full price straight away without bothering with a demo. However, it appears I have no scenery whatsoever - the world is basically a grey ocean littered with the odd tarmac landing strip. Every airport is in the middle of the sea. When I open the program, it says I need scenery and recommends that I buy a DVD. However, when I go the site it says every version sold on the site is 'Global' and has the scenery.

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I'm about to ask the same question. I can see advice that you don't have to download all the scenery at the same time but no advice on how to do it. Is there a problem that the Q&A's still refer to the now old DVD version and not the digital one?
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Did you get this issue sorted I have the same problem ?

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During X-Plane's installation, the installer program gives you the option to select & install scenery in this screen:

The image above has none of the world scenery tiles selected. We recommend that you select only parts of the scenery at a time, such as a couple of continents, because it can be very slow to download.

You can add scenery *at any time* by re-running the X-Plane installer and selecting the option to "add or remove scenery." You may need to enter your digital download key. Continue through the screens until you get to the world map screen referenced above. Click on a tile, or click and drag through multiple tiles to select scenery to install. (If the tile is colored in, and not grey, it has been selected.) Click continue to download and install scenery you selected.

If you do not know where the X-Plane installer is located on your computer, you can download it again here.

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I downloaded, got no scenery, I read this answer,  tried to run installer again, but there is no option to select scenery.  I have found no X-Plane 10 folder, just the '10' demo installer.