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After trying the demo I purchased a key and digital download. I used it to build the full programme (over 2 days - should have got a DVD) but it tells me area +50.000 to +50.009 is missing I confirmed this with a look inside the files. A square in Germany a bit east of Frankfurt and south of Fulda is missing I assume this is it. I have tried deleting and re-installing two blocks that surely should cover it (but the install map is very small). It is still missing data. Can I get just that bit from somewhere?
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Based on the info provided, there could be a couple of possibilities happening here:

- More than one copy of X-Plane 10 installed on the machine.  Scenery may be in Copy B but you launched Copy A.

- You may be assuming the accuracy of the little boxes on the installer map where you select scenery is better than it is.  You could have picked ONE TILE only, but the airport being loaded may be slightly off that tile onto an adjacent one.  Try re-installing tiles for an entire region - not just one or two.
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Yes I did delete/reinstall tiles in west europe from Uk (well west of the area) to east side of Germany but no joy.
OK I am a beginner with this sim but long-time (hopefully) expert on several others so here is what I think happened - incomplete install.
Firstly I didn't put it in desktop (never usually put any programmes there). I have now moved it there so will try scenery re-install again. Second I did probably what many people do - install demo - check it runs well (very well - new hi-spec win 8.1). I then paid my 60 bucks and put the key in the demo and expanded that with full scenery download (over 2 days).

Am I right in that it is better to use key to download the full thing instead right from the start? If so could I download minus the scenery and point it to my backup on a removeable hard drive ( or remove and rename the folder and keep ready)?
The other thing that makes me suspect incomplete install is the rogue autopilot (wish there was a key to kill them) switching on= turn off in some (default) aircraft and having the damn things on unexpectedly while VFr sightseeing = fairground ride.
Sorry about all this but what do you think? - regards - steve