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I wonder what works as the switch that tells Xplane which of the 3 runway thresholds to use (one without any stripes, the 8 stripe one and the 12 stripe one). It isn't runway width since I've got 8 stripes on 60m wide runway (should be 16 stripes) but on 47m wide one I get 12 stripes. This leads me to conclusion that there must be somewhere in WED or Overlay editor option saying "choose this or that threshold". Is that so and if so where can I find it?

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Hi, could it be the UK or US markings type?
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Thanks for suggestion. I don't think so but I think you're close. I haven't compared US and UK, so I don't know the differences but I've tried both Non precision US and UK and both are the narrower threshold. On the other hand airports with Precision US/UK have the wide one. That leads me to believe that the switch is precision/non precision.