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X Plane 11 is not responding correctly when flying certain airplanes. It has a mind of it's own and unresponsive, especially once it's in the air. Thanks!
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Can X Plane 11 be reset? I paid $59.95 through Steam.


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What's your PC?

You can refund it if you want.

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There could be a lot of factors causing the aircraft to respond strangely. Attaching a copy of the log.txt from the X-Plane root folder would probably be the best first step towards troubleshooting. It will have info on your system specs, any device calibration, etc.

Find the X-Plane root folder from Steam by:

Right click on your X-Plane
Choose Properties.
In the rising window choose LOCAL FILES.
And than choose BROWSE LOCAL FILES.
Now you are in the X-Plane Main (Root) Folder and you see the path in your file explorer.