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Hi guys!

After almost a month in contact with nvidia support, and have tried many options, read your manuals and watched your tutorials on youtube and others users too, nvidia team recomended me to contact you.

The fact: even when i get 25,30,35,40,45 FPS every 2 or 3 seconds there's a lag. The simulation freezes the frames. I know the payware demands more frames than default aircrafts. But guys i used to sumulate at x-plane 10 with a much less power videocard (2GB 256 bits), and less Ram (8 BG), and even using a payware tha takes many frames as Jar A330, It always showed the massage "19 FSP the frame rate is too low. Please reduce your rendering options", but even so there was no lag during the simulation. The simulation was always very smooth and fluid. I noticed the same problem in some youtube videos of other users

Another thing is: i'm simulating with 40 or 35 FPS and suddenly the fps droops to 15, 10 FPS

My PC now is AMD 8 core 3,5Ghz, 16Gb Ram, GTX1070 8 GB 256 bits video card, power suply 600w. The upgrade was RAM and the video card.

I recorded a video and sent to the nvidia team, if there was a place here to attach it, i would send it for you to see what's happening.

I hope that you can help me to fix the issue.

By the way, how about to bring back the cloud definition box in the weather configurations? Anothoer thing is the zoon out is not workin properly in the 3D flightdeck. The zoon out works only if we apply the zoo in first (in x-plane 10 we could zoon out without use the zoon in first and it was very nice).

Guys you have done a great job with the x-plane 11, really great job. We all know the x-plane 11 is in development and it will be improved. But what about take a look at this smoothness issue...?

Best Regards!!


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From your description I guess you have 8GB RAM and a graphics card with 8GB VRAM, too? And you have an AMD CPU. From my experience 8GB of RAM is about the lower limit for very moderate graphics settings. I suspect that the many textures not just need space in your graphics card, but in the RAM also. So head for additional RAM modules (or larger ones). The good news is that RAM (even high quality) is comparatively cheap. And yes, X-Plane 10 needs less RAM that X-Plane 11.

If you have a traditional harddisk, you can see (assuming a HDD LED) or hear when the system is paging (called "swapping" traditionally). Then you'd have too little RAM. What makes me wonder on non-steady frame rates: If it's not a software bug, is your power supply and cooling strong enough? The CPU may go into throttling mode if it's getting too hot. I don't know about Nvidia cards, though.

On the clouds: How's our frame rate for clear skies?
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I have a similar issue. AMD 1700x with 16 gigs of ram, and a rx 580 8 gig card. The fix for me is to reboot before flying.