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All 10 FIPs and the Radios come up at PC boot but there is no connection to X-Plane 11 any more.  It gets worse.  In fact, unless I remove the XSaitek Plugin, X-Plane will not finish loading once an aircraft is selected.  I tried several aircraft to be sure the plane itself doesn't have an issue.  I see the cockpit and then the sim locks up.  The only way to get control of the PC again is by killing X-Plane in the Task Manager.  With the Saitek removed from the Plugins folder, X-Plane behaves correctly but of course none of my Saitek instruments are working at all that way.  I am using Windows 10 and X-Plane 11.05 (64-Bit). Everything worked fine before the most recent update from X-Plane.   Of course asking Logitech has been a waste of time so far.  By the way, I did a complete re-installation of X-Plane when this started and that didn't fix it.

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Hi Eagle51,

I am not with Laminar Research.

Have you downloaded the latest software updates from Logitech which can be found at

Once the page is open, scroll down to the corresponding Logitech product.

Hope this helps