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Dear X-Plane team:

After I have updated X-Plane latest version on Steam , it's always no repsonse or teleport me to other airfield(likeE46)when I was just starting to descend!!!!I have no idea what's going.It's X-plane bugs , JARDESIGN bugs , or my computer bugs??(Running with i5 GTX960 3.2GHz)After I have updated I haven't tried to landing anymore...Can you give me a hand and solve my problems?

Yours Faithfully

Wong Tsun Hin

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There have been many complaints that the JAR A330 "randomly" transports people to E46 airport. Based on what I have seen, it looks like a plugin problem. Unfortunately we don't have great info on this yet. We are going to add additional logging to the 11.10 update to try to help catch this and resolve the issue. 

For now, you can use another aircraft, or try to figure out the smallest and most exact steps required to reproduce the issue. If you investigate and find helpful info, please file a bug here.