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I downloaded the demo version but when the installer is run I get the message:

"X-Plane 11 Installer.exe has stopped working."

I see other posts on this subject so have created a dump file.

The log and dump are available here; 


Thanks in advance

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What are your computer specifications? Make sure it's X-plane 11 compliant :


Another idea : Are you sure your GPU driver is up to date?
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It's a standard Dell Vostro laptop quad core running W7. Firstly I see that I don't have enough RAM  (4Gb)

The graphics card is an Intel HD but I don't know which model, however the driver is up to date
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Can you be more precise?
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Dell Vostro with Intel Core i5 2.4GHz


Graphics card: Built- in Intel Graphics Media Accelerator HD
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As you can see from the link I first gave you, your laptop does not meet the minimum system requirements for X-plane. Here is a video you might be interested in :
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Thankyou for your help

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