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I am attempting to run Xplane 10 (64bit) via Steam.  When I select the play button on steam interface, the X Plane menu is distorted.  Im unable to drag it to the center of my screen.


Here is my setup

AMD 9590

Gtx 970 gaming

Benq 27 inch 60hz monitor.

16gb ddr3

Controller used:  xbox one elite gamepad

Current resolution - 1920 x 1280

Not overclocked / latest firmware / software updates installed.


Attached is a screenshot to visually show my problem.  


Request your assistance when able.




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hmm I cant seem to open the file. Save your picture format as jpeg so it doesn't take up much space. As for your screen resolution issue, go into your rendering settings and FIRST select your monitor dimensions in the drop down menu, THEN press run at full screen. Hope that helps

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