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I read the other answers to similar questions. Have tried numerous times over a few days.  Could it have something to do with the proxy that operates on this internet connection?

Attached is the log file, showing that it is trying to open a zero length zip file.

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I have not seen this error before and would need more info on how you are running the installer.

We have new versions of the installer available now. Please download the newest version as it has more logging. Retry the install and if it has the same problem, be sure to quit the installer before attaching the log. Take a screenshot of the error screen as well. 

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Thanks, meanwhile I bought it on steam, and it is downloading now.
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Ok, but the problem is still not solved. I'm not using Steam and I still have this issue. I also have used the latest installer.

Here is the install log:

0:00:00.000 D/WIZ: Starting installer... opening wizard step "Main Menu - Web Update"
0:00:00.040 I/DST: Updater selected installation D:\X-Plane 11/
0:00:02.648 D/WIZ: Advancing from wizard step "Welcome" to "Check Servers"
X-Plane is about to report that it could not open a zip file for extraction!
That incoming file is
In c-form, it is
The size is 0
Zip to file failed with error err = 1342197281. file = ..\source_code\core\files\FILE_compress.cpp line = 772. zip_file=, out_dir=C:\Users/CHRIS~1.VER/AppData/Local/Temp/.
0:00:02.891 D/WIZ: Advancing from wizard step "Check Servers" to "Finish"

Anyone any idea?


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Partial text from the installer log does not particularly help. Attach the full file.
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Sorry, please find attached the log.

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It looks like the download of failed, which is the first file we try to download from the servers. This could be a temporary issue with the CDN provider, or if it always happens, we would suspect a firewall blocking download from our servers.

Are you at home or work?  Please check that your firewall allows X-Plane through.
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Hi jroberts,

This wasn't a firewall issues as nothing had changed in my configuration, which always worked find. I downloaded a view days later and it worked. Guess that something went wrong in the connection some how.

Thanx for your support and answer. This issue is solved.