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###### Installer.exe fails to connect to Download failed with error: 28 for URL

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Please give the newer version of the installer a try to see if it fixes this issue.

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Used latest installer. Version is Installer log.txt for X-Plane Installer 4.02r2 compiled on Nov  2 2017 13:09:07 


The two error's are still the same 

This video card is: DX10 or 11 - With instancing (found glMapBufferRange)

WARNING: we are missing the texture: RESOURCE:checkerboard.png.

CPU count        : 8

os_dir_this_app =C:\Users/ASTi-CMG/Desktop/X-Plane11InstallerWindows/

os_dir_desktop =C:\Users/ASTi-CMG/Desktop/

os_dir_default_apps =C:\Users/ASTi-CMG/Desktop/

os_dir_temp =C:\Users/ASTi-CMG/AppData/Local/Temp/

os_dir_prefs =C:\Users/ASTi-CMG/AppData/Local/

Clean exit from threads.

0:00:00.000 D/WIZ: Starting installer... opening wizard step "Main Menu - No Existing Installation"

0:00:08.539 D/WIZ: Advancing from wizard step "Welcome" to "License"

0:00:11.562 D/WIZ: Advancing from wizard step "License" to "Check Servers"

0:00:46.112 E/NET: Download failed with error: 28 for URL

0:00:46.161 D/WIZ: Advancing from wizard step "Check Servers" to "Finish"
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The full file did not attach.

The latest version of the installer is 4.03r2. You will need to download a new copy from to get the latest version.
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Thanks @jroberts! the latest installer 4.03r2 has fixed the issues. Updates are working again!