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I would like to know how to add combo modifiers to my joystick / throttle (Thrustmaster Warthog HOTAS) and keyboard. For example: my joystick trim hat left is my "ROLL TRIM L", but I would also like to add a modifier that allows me to do "LCTRL + TRIM HAT L = YAW TRIM L", and "LCTRL + TRIM HAT UP = PITCH TRIM RESET / TAKEOFF". I have many other usage examples to give, but this is an easy one to understand the usefulness of.

Catch my drift? This would add amazing functionality to XP11. I'm sure you're familiar with DCS World, and they do a great job with this. It allows a virtually limitless combinations for controls and customizations - vital for all of the different aircraft and their functions!

If this feature is not implemented, PLEASE add this ASAP!



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This is not currently supported in X-Plane--keyboard assignments and joystick button assignments are completely separate.
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Hi jroberts,

Is this feature planned for XP11? The ability to assign keys / buttons / switches as modifiers (momentary or switched) for any control input device is HUGE. With that, you have an almost unlimited number of input combinations. Even better would be the ability for modifiers (actually, this can apply to controls as well) to change functionality during phases of flight. For example: while taxiing, the NWS button on the TM Warthog HOTAS is nosewheel steering. But perhaps during flight, it automatically switches to acting as a control damper, or autopilot button, or whatever you set! DCS does not even have this... yet...
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I fully support this feature request.  For example, it would be great if I could use a key-modifier to a joystick button in order to turn selectively the small or big knob of the G-1000 system.

For example, Button1 would turn the big Altitude select knob to the right, while Shift-Button1 would turn the small Altitude select knob to the right.

I am training for my instrument rating, this would be a really useful feature.