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I want my controller to move my aircraft in absolute mode (sort of like with a mouse) instead of in relative mode (like keyboard emulation) in non-VR mode. DCS provides such a capability, so I know it can be done. I have removed my spring in my controllers so they don't automatically go back to center. A couple of other Russian simulators have this absolute-control capability also, but I am afraid to use them anymore. I usually fly helicopters and such a capability makes flying helicopters much more realistic and enjoyable.
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I don't understand: Joysticks are in absolute mode (value depending on position).

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I have read that it depends on your view point. I'll include an article addressing this difference after my comments. What DCS has is what I call "Absolute" control and "relative" control--they give you a choice.  FSX and X-Plane only have "Relative" control. In DCS when I use "axis commands" instead of mapping joystick movement to the keyboard, when I move the joystick, say, to the left 45 degrees and I hold it there, the aircraft leans 45 degrees and tries to maintain that angle. I could call that analog control in that the angle of the stick (cyclic) is an analog of the attitude of the aircraft. However, when using the joystick to mimic the keyboard, when I move the stick left 45 degrees and hold it, the aircraft will continue to roll until I bring the stick back to center. When flying helicopters, having to come back to center after the many small adjustments that are requited to control a helicopter actually doubles the number of hand/finger movements. It seems that the Russian sims know how to do this and we don't? Anyway, I just tried to paste the article I was telling you about but it wouldn't paste. Anyway, how about Analog vs Digital control? Please try https://gaming.stockexchange.com/questions/116004/what-the-difference-between-relative-and-absolute-input-mouse-vs-joystick
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Please tell me how I should properly explain what I and others want done. I think VR developers are already doing what I would like as well as DCS, Heliborne, and others.
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I'm afraid that's not how real planes work. Maybe arcade games do.
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Are you a real pilot or are you basing your comments on "common sense" or keyboard-based flight sim experience? Try the free DCS download that comes with a free Russian fighter and use "Axis Commands" for your joystick. If you don't have a controller, then that would explain your comments.
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AeroFly FS 2 has the non-keyboard emulation type joystick control. They are a German company and are not subject to being influenced by the Russian military or FSB. I do not want to be a part of a botnet. I recently bought Aerofly FS 2 through Steam. Bear in mind that this type of flying, especially for helicopters is easier without springs in your joystick, which is used to bring it back to center automatically. I have removed mine.  In actual joysticks, dampers are used--either friction or hydraulic--to keep the joystick where you leave it, instead of taking it back to center. This is totally different from what you are used to. In all fairness, emulating the keyboard with the joystick is cost effective, given what kind of joysticks are available. I suspect that VR simulators do not emulate keyboard controls.
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I was wrong! AeroFly FS 2 also uses keyboard emulation joystick control!!!  To date, DCS is the only simulator I have tested that has a non-keyboard emulation controlled joystick capability. Sad.

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