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I have 8 pc driving 8 displays.  One is master and the others slaves.  I have set override_planetary to on.  If I set a position on the master it immediately goes there but the slaves move slowly to that position.  How must I setup the slaves to get the same behavior as the master?

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What version of X-Plane are you using? I am not familiar with "override_planetary." In X-Plane 10, have the View Tracks Master box checked in the Extern Visual tab of the Net Connections screen.
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I am using the latest version 10.40.  The override should have been override_planepath (spell checker Corrected).  I have the track master selected.  Everything works but the slaves do not jump.  It seems that the slaves still operates as if it's model is active.  perhaps there is another override that needs to be set.

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