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Hi, My first question here... probably lots more to come :-)

I have scoured the X-Plane folder on my SSD and cannot find any documentation for all the default aircraft. Am I missing something?

There should at the very least be a list of V speeds. Also, I cannot figure out how to "remove" the yoke in the C172.

I hope that this message doesn't appear twice... I thought that I posted it about an hour ago, but it doesn't show on the list of recent questions.



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Hi Don,

There is very little to no documentation on the default aircraft. Historically, X-Plane has had a very steep learning curve because it has expected its users to either know how to fly, or be willing to do a lot of research and learning on their own. This is something we hope to change in the future.

The manual uses the C172 extensively as its example plane. Otherwise, your best bet for POHs will be searching online.

P.S. The yoke cannot be hidden in the C172. I think the Baron is the only default plane with that feature and it is a toggle switch on the left side of the cockpit.
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Thanks for the reply,

I kinda thought that might be the case. I think that I'll use the Carenado Archer II for basic familiarization... that was my PPL trainer many years ago so I'm comfortable in it.

BTW, is there any down-side in removing default planes that I'll never use?


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Removing default aircraft won't affect running the sim, but the installer will put them back anytime you update.