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Not sure what happened today after my WIN10 got updated, but the image bellow shows more than my words

All payware aircrafts want me to reactivate again, and again and again. It messed aswell with my TS codecs, but i could fix it.

Can someone help me please?



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I don't know if this applies exactly to you. My OS is linux Mint. Mostly software updates do not need me to reactivate payware aircraft. Although it has happened. It usually only happens if I overclock or change BIOS settings. Are you seeing this frequently or is this maybe a small number? I know its a pain though when it has happened to me.

The image also looks like a broken windscreen in your aircraft. I was going to say your graphics rendering looks messed up but aircraft can look really strange when they need activating. Otherwise reinstall graphics driver. Sorry that is about all I can do in this comment.
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Try deleting x-plane and reinstall it, that might fix the problem. And is that blood on the windshield?!
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I solved the problem with deleating the marker.1 file inside x-aviation folder.

Yes this is the airfoil cessna skyhawk. This is blood yeah, simulates a birdstrike i think.

Anyways thanks for your time answering my question!

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