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I bought X Plane 11 on steam last week.

I cannot see the planes in the start screen There are just tiles with question marks over them.

Also X-plane crashes when I start a new flight.

Can anyone help ?

Dave P

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Provide PC specs please
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I'm running on a notebook with an older i7, Windows 10 (64 bit) and 8gb RAM
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Dear dave__p,

Try uninstalling x-plane 11, and then install it again. But remember that during installation, do not try opening x-plane.
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Thanks for your advice. I did a complete uninstall and reinstall before posting to this forum.

I was able to fly a couple of flights after initially installing but then all the planes disappeared from the 'new flight' menu and when I launch a flight it hangs on the 'Will complete asynchronous loading" (or some similar messgae).