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In X-Plane 11.10 i noticed, when i shutdown an Engine (like the stock 747) at cruise ALT with 0,75 mach the rotor N1 also rotor N2 stops completely. Normally a Jet Engine does almost like a Propeller Motor windmilling. A Jet Engine (Turbofan) does also windmilling on the ground on a windy day (only N1)

Problem: at this time its not possible to restart a Jet Engine while flying with a emergency procedure.

What you think, is it possible to implement this, that this matches a bit more like in reality?

I'm Sorry for my bad English.

If its needed to have more information's about Jet engines, i'm able to talk a lot about. I'm an Engine Inspector and a Pilot (only the small one's :-) )

Thanks a lot for your answer

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Hi Stefan,

Ive noticed the same thing actually. Would be nice to have a fix.

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Hi Cailean,

yes, its because X-Plane is so realistic in all other things, for me it is the most realistic Flight Sim. This is a detail but as you said, this would set the point on the i.

Remember the British Airways Flight 9 on in 1982.

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This sounds like a possible flight model bug. Please file a bug report here. Include as much about your steps to reproduce as possible and the expected versus actual result (basically what you wrote above). We will have Austin take a look at it!

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Hi Jennifer,

thanks a lot for your comment. I sent the bug report.

It would be awesome if there is a solution for, that would makes the sim a big step more realistic. ...and it is a great sim!!!

Thanks for that! Love X-Plane!