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I have three Apple monitors. mac OS High Sierra v 10.13.3, I have X-Plane with upgrade 11.10.

Even when all the sliders for rendering setup are down my frame rate doesn´t get any better.,  What should I do?

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I am not from Laminar Research; just a flight simmer.  I am not a MAC user.

Firstly try and update High Sierra OS to the latest version as there was a problem produced by Apple when it was released after the release of X-Plane 11.

Secondly try and update to the latest version of X-Plane 11.  Even if it means using the beta version.  If you are running a Steam version you may not be able to update to 11.20 or later as Steam is not the same as the official version of X-plane from Laminar Research.

Thirdly have a look at the following link at    the creator the question has the same issue as yours and is using a higher spec machine.  I understand the person who supplied the answer (amelingu) is also a Mac user.

For best effect all screens should be of the same specifications.  The only difference being the serial number.

Good luck.