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I have a quest about my videocard Nvidia geforce 750TI.

I'm using Physx but Always get the msg framerates are too low.

I have about 12 fps.

I'm using it with 3 monitors.

And when i start a flt i downloaded i only see 3 white screens and in the middle screen a black cross.

How can i deal with this?


Specs I58GB RAM

WIN10 64


Frans Gehl

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I think your options are probably to decrease the rendering settings, decrease the number of monitors you use, or upgrade the graphics card. It sounds like your set up is too demanding. If you use a lot of add ons you could try removing them as well as they can be a drain on system resources. 

Here is a tutorial on setting the rendering options for your machine.

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Yep reduce number of monitors because its a demanding game to start with on 1 monitor. Or upgrade GPU to a GTX1070 or 1080 and should be right. 158GB RAM?? What CPU you got?