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G'Day All,

Have a question regarding Frame Rates.

I use a iMac with 16G Ram etc.    I followed manual's guide to Displaying the Frame Rate.

I am showing an average of around 15 fps

The only way to increase this would be to upgrade the Graphics Card??

Or, are there settings I can change to give me a higher rate??


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Hi Pete,

Have a look at this link from Michael Brown found at https://www.youtube.com/user/col2mab/videos  paying particular attention to some of videos regarding graphic card comparisons.  If you can avoid using AMD cards.  NVidia will give you a better result.

As a guide in addition to the online manual also have a good look at the last video produced by Michael regarding the MSI testing.  This is a good visual of the impact of changing configurations.

Have fun


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Thanks Glenn,

Looks like the iMac will need to be parked while I move up to a higher spec'd PC smiley

Thanks again for the help.


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