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After uodate to 11.1 I get message that dg needs to be reset to compass.  DG and compass agree but heading bug is way off.  In autopilot course is set about 80 degrees off from heading bug.  I deleted shadercache as suggested to a similar question with no success.  Log file is enclosed.  Thanks.


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Update.  GOOD NEWS, following a tip on the x-plane sight, I set a keyboard key that so far fixes this issue.  The key is (under Navigation & Radios/Indicators) Vacuum DG Sync to Magnetic North.  I failed to mention before that the aircraft is a Carenado King Air c90b.  I love this plane!

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So did i.

And this is a realistic feature to have to sync gyro with mag. You have to do it on the ground, on line up, after waypoints

Because it is drifting continuously and mag variation depend on the place you are located ...