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I am running X-Plane 11.35 on a new computer described by the vendor as "ultra fast". The frame rate is generally less than 15 per second. Settings are visual effects medium, texture quality medium, antialiasing off, number of world objects low, reflection detail minimal. My set up is  AMD Richland dual core processor 4.1Ghz, ATI Radeon HD R5 graphics, 16GB 2400Mhz RAM DDR4, 1TB hard drive Windows 10 64-bit. These are all equal to or greater than recommended, except that the graphics card is not on the list of those supported. Is that the problem? Do I need to replace the graphics card in order for X-Plane to run properly?

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Hi argh_bee

I'm not with Laminar Research, just a fellow simmer in the UK.

Not sure whether you are using a desktop or laptop computer, but the Richland is an AMD CPU (FM2 socket) released in 2013 that has it's own onboard graphics processor, sharing memory with the CPU itself.

Basically, your computer does not have it's own dedicated and separate graphics card, so this could conceivably prove to be a bottleneck in your system as far as graphics are concerned.

Best thing to do is run a small piece of software that you can download from and this will 'stress test' your computer's components and provide a report on such.

Personally, I feel that your CPU/GPU processor is the main culprit here, the rest of your system looks fine.

Do the stress test first though, just to see where that leads you?

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Thanks for the advice greengolfer15,

I will go back to the vendor and discuss his 'ultra-fast gaming computer' claim. Since I only bought X-Plane to provide a hobby while an intervertebral disc problem temporarily (I hope) keeps me off the golf course, I am not anxious to spend big bucks on upgrading a system that is entirely adequate for my other needs.
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Hi again

Obviously my comments above are my personal opinion, I wouldn't want you to get into a spat with your vendor over what I've said!

Please try the CPU user benchmark software first, it's free and easy to use.


PS, I hope that your back heals soon :-)
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Sorry, I didn't mention I used benchmark and it rated the graphics processing as basically hopeless. I have already contacted the vendor without naming my source!

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Oops, oh well, at least you now know what the problem is! Good luck with your vendor :-()

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Many thanks for your support:-)

Regards Paul