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my system: GPU - gtx 980, CPU -  i5-4690k, RAM - 16gb ddr3, MONITOR - 1080p, water cooling.

it was fine at first and then all of a sudden it is now trash, I have reinstalled several times. The thing is that it says I am getting 60 frames but it is stuttering sooo much that it is like 4 frames/sec. Please if anyone has an idea of what is going on please help.


Thank you.

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Hi, Any plugin you've installed recently? I have the latest version, almost the same computer and I've got a smooth 30fps in average.

Can you include your X-plane11/log.txt file?
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ok ill uninstalled all my plugins.


imageDownload file

What do you think is going on?

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Hmm.. no idea so far.
-Did you check that video?
-do you have enough free space on the hard drive?
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yea. none of that worked so I just reinstalled windows and now it is perfect. thank you guys for all the help.